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What does offer? is a growing resource of original encyclopedic references, written by science writers and teachers. is designed and managed to ensure it remains a safe meeting place, governed by principles of mutual respect and the right of all to free speech. It is non-profit, and therefore free of invasive technological tricks and distractions. It aims to be a model for how the Internet should and can be used freely and intelligently, while at the same time protecting absolutely rights to privacy and personal data. We seek to uphold these challenging standards, and invite you to help us in this quest through feedback, suggestions and technical advice.

There are supporting quizzes and tutorials, and audio-visual material, on our sister website: arranges material in a way which is suitable to classroom learning. There is a comprehensive Search system, and a Subject catalogue, which will help you locate material by subject, format, and level. provides an examination preparation system for all levels of high school. For each topic, questions from past exam papers of different types and levels are provided, with full worked solutions. Use the 'Exam Practice' link on each topic page to see what is available.

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Andrew Bone Andrew Bone, BSc, Dip(PC), MSc (Imperial College, London), director of

Andrew Bone has been a teacher for over 20 years, and developed the science and mathematics material in middle school and high school classroom environments.

Andrew Bone is the author of Vitruvian Boy, a comic novel about the history of science and mathematics.

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The global potential for solar and wind energy is more than an order of magnitude larger than current and projected energy use.

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