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Potential and Kinetic Energy

Instructions: answer the questions, check them carefully, and when you are sure they are all right, press submit. The number of correct answers will be displayed.

Question 1: Who first realised that gravity was a force that acted at a distance?

Question 2: How can empty space transmit light?

Question 3: Does sound pass through space? Why?

Question 4: When you run up stairs, your energy is stored as:

Question 5: What is the change in potential energy of a 10kg box carried up stairs 20m by a man running at 4 m/s?

Question 6: Which will have the most energy when allowed to fall back to the ground?

Question 7: A 12.0kg object falls and hits the ground with 0.60 kJ of kinetic energy. From how high was it dropped?

Question 8: Perpetual motion machines are impossible because:

Question 9: At the top of a half-pipe, a skateboarder has maximum potential energy, and zero kinetic. At the bottom of the half-pipe, he has maximum kinetic energy and zero potential. At what height does he have exactly the same potential and kinetic energies?

Question 10: Which has the greatest energy?

Question 11: The first to try a loop in a roller coaster were the French in the 1850s. What was the problem with the first loops?

Question 12: What is the g-force?

Question 13: Where does the energy come from to move a cart around a roller coaster?

Question 14: Where is the g-force the greatest on a track? Roller Coaster

Question 15: At point F on the diagram, what would happen to the cart if the g-force is greater than 1 at this point? Roller Coaster

Question 16: If a 100-kg cart goes down a track with a 30m vertical height, what is the kinetic energy at the bottom?

Question 17: What is the speed of a cart that has come down a 40m descent, if it started with 5 m/s?

Question 18: What allows a cart to travel upside down at the top of a loop?

Question 19: To be weightless at the top of a loop, the centrifugal force is:

Question 20: A cart enters a 20m radius loop at 20 m/s. How much kinetic energy does it have at the top of the loop?

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