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Question 1: A coil of copper wire has a mass of 3.6 kg. It displaces 400 cm3 of water when submerged. What is its density?

Question 2: How many tonnes is a megagram?

Question 3: Approximately how far is it from London to Milan?

Question 4: What are the S.I. base units for mass, length and time?

Question 5: Which is bigger: A million nanometres or a thousand micrometres?

Question 6: Convert 85 cm/minute to m/s

Question 7: Convert 450 m/s to km/h

Question 8: Convert 28 km to cm.

Question 9: Convert 45 kg to mg

Question 10: A spring balance measures:

Question 11: An irregular shape displaces of water. Its mass is 64 g. What is its density?

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