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Wave Types

Instructions: answer the questions, check them carefully, and when you are sure they are all right, press submit. The number of correct answers will be displayed.

Question 1:

The diagram shows a wave travelling to the right. The coordinates of point P are (1.0dm, 2.0cm). After two wavelengths, what will the coordinates of point P be?

Graph of a wave

Question 2: An atom is about $10^{-9}$ m across. The wavelength of visible light is about 500 nm. From this information, can you explain why we cannot see atoms, even with the most powerful optical microscopes?

Question 3: If particles of transverse waves move up and down and not forward, how can surfers ride waves towards the beach?

Question 4: What is another name for 'longitudinal waves'?

Question 5: Which of these is an example of a longitudinal wave?

Question 6: Which of these is NOT a transverse wave?

Question 7: A boy ties a rope to a door handle, and sends a wave down the rope by moving his hand up and down sharply. What does he observe about the wave when it reflects from the door handle?

Question 8: What shape(s) does light make on a screen beyond a small hole due to diffraction?

Question 9: What happens to light when it passes from air to water?

Question 10: What shape(s) does light make on a screen after passing through a narrow slit?

Question 11: If you hold your thumb and forefinger very close together without touching, and look through the tiny gap at a strong light source, you see dark bands. What is this caused by?

Question 12: If you look through a glass of water at something, it looks bigger. What causes this phenomenon?

Question 13: What is a bow wave an example of? Bow wave

Question 14: An earthquake is an example of:

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