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Question 1: What is the ratio of heights of Anne and Peter, if Anne is 1.11m tall and Peter is 1.56m tall?

Question 2: How many percent to 5 significant figures is $5/7$?

Question 3: Estimate the value of: $2/5{(3/8 + 3/5)}$

Question 4: What is the square root of twice the half of one and a half squared?

Question 5: Without using a calculator, what does this fraction equal?
${1 + 8/9}/{2 + 1/2}$

Question 6: What is the missing number in this sequence?
36, 25, 16, .., 4, 1, 0

Question 7: What is the speed of sound (340 m/s) in km/h?

Question 8: What is 13 x 29?

Question 9: What is 7/8 as a percentage?

Question 10: A class of 31 students has 17 boys. How many more percent of boys are there than girls?

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