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Question 1: What does VOC mean?

Question 2: What is a typical rock that methane deposits are found in?

Question 3: Which of these groups are all heavy metals?

Question 4: What is meant by an energy crisis?

Question 5: What is a proppant?

Question 6: Which of these is the most important fact about flowback escaping into aquifers?

Question 7: Fracking has been used since the 1940s. Why has the use of fracking increased so dramatically in recent years?

Question 8: What is the greatest concern with fracking?

Question 9: What can best stop companies being so abusive in fracking operations?

Question 10: Why do some people still deny global warming?

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Question: An LED is in series with a 3.0V battery, and lights up. Two LEDs are put in series with a 7.5V battery. what is the current through the two LEDs compared to the single LED?

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