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Question 1: How can a pinhole camera produce an image if it doesn't have a lens?

Question 2: A student wishes to photograph his 160cm-tall friend with a pinhole camera. He has a box 20cm across. How far away should the friend stand to produce a 15cm image?

Question 3: When is a pinhole camera image larger than the object being photogaphed?

Question 4: How could artists in the Middle Ages use pinhole cameras if they did not have photographic paper or film?

Question 5: What was the advantage to early life to have light sensitive organs?

Question 6: Why do humans and most animals have only two eyes, while spiders and other insects have many?

Question 7: If the pinhole camera image is real and inverted, and in focus, where is the focal point?

Question 8: What is meant by an 'evolutionary arms race'?

Question 9: What is the purpose of fluid in the eyeball?

Question 10: Why does the image in a pinhole camera come out negative?

Question 11: Which band of the EMR spectrum is used for remote control devices, such as for home media equipment?

Question 12: Which band of the EMR spectrum is used for examining broken bones in a hospital?

Question 13: Which band of the EMR spectrum is used to examine structures of crystals and other materials?

Question 14: Which band of the EMR spectrum is emitted by warm objects?

Question 15: Which band of the EMR spectrum is used to kill harmful bacteria in food so it stays fresher for longer?

Question 16: Which band of the EMR spectrum causes water molecules to vibrate very quickly causing heat, and your dinner is cooked in minutes?

Question 17: Which band of the EMR spectrum will give you a tan if you sit out in the Sun?

Question 18: Which band of the EMR spectrum is used the most in optical fibre communication?

Question 19: Which band of the EMR spectrum is used to read barcodes on products at supermarket cashiers?

Question 20: in addition to heat and ultraviolet, which band of the EMR spectrum can be used to sterilise medical equipment by killing bacteria?

Question 21: Which band of the EMR spectrum is used by police for night vision?

Question 22: In addition to high-frequency radio, which band of the EMR spectrum is used for satellite communication?

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