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Applications of differential calculus

Instructions: answer the questions, check them carefully, and when you are sure they are all right, press submit. The number of correct answers will be displayed.

Question 1: If $f(x) = ax^n$, what is $f′(x)$?

Question 2: If $f(x) = 3x^4 + 3$, what is $f′(x)$?

Question 3: Differentiate $√x$

Question 4: Differentiate $$3/{√x}$$

Question 5: Differentiate $$f(x) = x^2 - 5/{x^3}$$

Question 6: What is the equation to the tangent of the curve $f(x) = x^2 + 1$?

Question 7: What is the differential of ln($a/b$)?

Question 8: What is the differential of ln$(x^3 - 2)$?

Question 9: What is the differential of $(x^3 - 2)^y$?

Question 10: What is the differential of ${(x^3 - 2)}/{(x^2 + 2)}$?

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