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Question 1: Includes spiders, crabs, millipeds, and insects:

Question 2: Includes snakes, bony fishes, lampreys, and cows

Question 3: Includes hydra, corals, jellyfish, and sea anemones

Question 4: Includes clams, mussels, squid, and octopus

Question 5: Includes blood and liver flukes, tapeworms, and planaria

Question 6: Body skeleton, gill covered by an operculum, paired pelvic and pectoral fins, tail usually symmetrical, scales over the body surface:

Question 7: Persistent notochord, cartilagenous skeleton, no lower jaw

Question 8: Lung respiration, egg laying with amnion and a shell, scales over the body surface, tetrapod.

Question 9: Segmented into head, abdomen, and thorax; uses three pairs of walking legs, many forms of paired wings:

Question 10: Prehensile tentacles surrounding the head, shell internal, external, or absent; siphon-mediated jet propulsion, large camera-type eye:

Question 11: The system of binomial nomenclature used in taxonomy was first proposed by:

Question 12: The taxonomic level between class and family is:

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