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Question 1: Which of these emits the most pollution for the same amount of usable energy?

Question 2: Which of these emits the least pollution for the same amount of usable energy?

Question 3: Which of these has the greatest future potential to combat climate change?

Question 4: Which of these is today's most used fuel for electricity?

Question 5: Why is coal not used in cars?

Question 6: What alternatives are there to petrol in cars?

Question 7: Natural gas is cleaner than coal and oil, so why can't it be the solution to the energy pollution problem?

Question 8: What is the greatest disadvantage of nuclear energy?

Question 9: The sun shines only during the day, so how can solar energy be a useful substitute for fossil fuels?

Question 10: Wood from trees for firewood is a renewable energy source provided it is used sustainably. What does 'used sustainably' mean?

Question 11: What does deciduous mean?

Question 12: There is more land than water in which part of the world?

Question 13: The shape of the Earth is best described as:

Question 14: Which is the correct order by largest to smallest in size?

Question 15: Which biome covers the largest land area in the world?

Question 16: What is a consequence of climate change?

Question 17: Where would you find a lot of trees which lose their leaves in winter?

Question 18: Why would a species specialise to live in poor conditions?

Question 19: Savannas may have richer ground-level ecosystems than a forest. Why is this?

Question 20: How does water arrive in the middle of a desert?

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