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Question 1: Who first solved the General Relativity field equations, which describe the dimensions of a Black Hole?

Question 2: Who was Astronomer Royal when Isaac Newton became president of the Royal Society, in 1703?

Question 3: Who was the NASA scientist who was the first to discover the spokes of Saturn's rings?

Question 4: Who proposed the 'slingshot' method for sending the Voyager Probes to the outer planets?

Question 5: Which probe is now the furthest from Earth?

Question 6: How long has Ed Stone been a space scientist at NASA? Ed Stone

Question 7: What do Pierre-Simon de Laplace, John Wheeler, Karl Schwarzschild, and Stephen Hawking have in common?

Question 8: Whose theory about the orbits of comets led to Isaac Newton publishing his famous Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica?

Question 9: Who is known as the 'Father of Radio Astronomy'?

Question 10: Who is credited with possibly inventing the term 'electricity', while discovering the cause of Earth's magnetism, and proposed that the Earth rotated once a day, rather than being fixed while the planets rotated around the Earth?

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