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Question 1: What is angle b? Question about internal angles

Question 2: What is angle c? Angle question

Question 3: What is the area of a triangle with side lengths 5x, 5x, 8x?

Question 4: What is the area of this shape? Mathematics question

Question 5: A triangle has three angles: x, 2x, 3x. What is the value of the largest angle?

Question 6: A cylinder has a base of diameter 6cm, and a length of 0.5m. What is its volume?

Question 7: A cone has a base of radius 2cm and a vertical height of 4cm. What is its volume?

Question 8: A cylinder has a base of diameter 6cm, and a length of 0.5m. What is its surface area?

Question 9: What is the volume of a 26cm diameter ball?

Question 10: What is the ratio between the volume of a cube and the volume of the largest sphere the cube could contain?

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