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Air Resistance and Terminal Velocity

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Environmental Science is the most important of all sciences. As the world enters a phase of climate change, unprecedented biodiversity loss, pollution and human population growth, the management of our environment is vital for our futures. Learn about Environmental Science on

Environmental Science

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Question: What is the mass of a photon?

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Vitruvian Boy

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The father of the father of Sean had his name abbreviated to 'Nonno', which is Italian for 'grandfather', somewhere back in a historical era called The Mists of Time. Inspired by his handy Jurassic timeline foldout, Sean guessed that 'Mists', being plural, must be an era divided into 'periods', which should, by convention, be called proto Mist, meso Mist and paleo Mist of Time.

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Albert Girard, 1595 - 1632, was a French mathematician, who introduced 'sin', 'cos' and 'tan' as abbreviations for the trigonometric functions, and discovered the rules for summing the powers of the roots of any equation.

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