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Lisa Randall, b. 1962, theoretical physicist

Lisa Randall is an American theoretical physicist and writer, whose books, public lectures, TED talk, and mainstream interviews, have inspired a generation of scientists and lay public alike.

  • Nationality
  • American

  • Subject
  • Physics, theoretical

  • Fields
  • Particle Physics, Cosmology, Standard Model, Higg's Boson, Supersymmetry

  • Distinctions
  • Professor Randall has received several honours, including the Andrew Gemant Award (2012), Lilienfield Prize (2007), and the E.A. Wood Science Writing Award (2007).

    She was named as one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People, in 2007.

  • Posts
  • Professor of Science at Harvard University

  • Publications
  • Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe's Hidden Dimensions

    Knocking on Heaven’s Door: How Physics and Scientific Thinking Illuminate the Universe and the Modern World

    Higgs Discovery: The Power of Empty Space, 2013

    Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs: The Astounding Interconnectedness of the Universe, 2015

  • Theories
  • Her research has advanced the Standard Model and supersymmetry theories, and solutions for the hierarchy problem of fundamental force strengths.

    Randall-Sundrum model (with Raman Sundrum), 1999.

    Professor Randall is involved with research at the LHC, CERN, concerning the search for dark matter, and sub-atomic models.

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Lisa Randall, born 1962, theoretical physicist and populariser of physics

Her research into many of today's greatest problems in physics, including dark matter, extra dimensions, cosmological inflation, and the Standard Model, positions her as a leader in her field.

Her books are readable, yet do not omit the necessary complexities to fully understand science. She emphasises the importance of uncertainty, correct use of probability, and laments the superficiality of modern media presentations of science.

Lisa Randall, b. 1962, theoretical physicist
Lisa Randall has written books explaining without dumbing down physics

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