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Air Resistance and Terminal Velocity

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Physics is the science of the very small and the very large. Learn about Isaac Newton, who gave us the laws of motion and optics, and Albert Einstein, who explained the relativity of all things, as well as catch up on all the latest news about Physics, on

Gravity lens

Great Scientists

Linus Pauling

1901 - 1994

Linus Pauling is the only person in history to have won two unshared Nobel Prizes (Chemistry 1954, Peace 1962). He is considered one of the greatest scientists and humanitarians ever, and his fields of activity were widespread.

Linus Pauling
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"Come now, Laplace," teased first consul Napoleon. "Surely you can zink of a snazzier name zan 'blub of dark'?"
"What about 'Black Hole'?" suggested Sean, knowing that term wouldn't be used for another century and a half.
"Catchy. But no," Laplace shook his ex-aristocratic head. "It is more of a blob than a hole, but thank you for trying."

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[ Physics : Mechanics]

Speed in a specified direction. Velocity is a vector, while speed is a scalar value (magnitude only).

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