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Air Resistance and Terminal Velocity

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Physics is the science of the very small and the very large. Learn about Isaac Newton, who gave us the laws of motion and optics, and Albert Einstein, who explained the relativity of all things, as well as catch up on all the latest news about Physics, on

Gravity lens

Great Scientists

Edward Stone

1936 -

Edward Stone's name is synonymous with space exploration. For more than 50 years he has been a leading scientist behind the NASA unmanned probes to Mars, the giant planets, and the outer reaches of the solar system.

Ed Stone
Vitruvian Boy

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"Do you are knowing vhy it ist called zer Nobel prize?" asked Einstein. "It ist because it ist vorth such much a lot of money, zer vinner falls victim to zer udder 'Relative Effect' - resulting in huge numbers of previously unknown relatives spontaneously appearing to zer doorstep. Tso vee vinners must to take avay zer door bell. Hence zer nickname: 'No-Bell Prize'."

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