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Air Resistance and Terminal Velocity

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Computer Science

Great Scientists

Theodor Schwann

1810 - 1882

Theodor Schwann was a German scientist who had a profound impact on biology by breaking with entrenched concepts prevalent in the mid 19th century.

Theodor Schwann

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"There is always a degree of uncertainty - but in this case, the uncertainty reduces to ... very close in fact to ... well, whatever one minus one equals."
"Zero," burst out Sean helpfully.
"Oh, that's ridiculous," exploded Archimedes, with an unexpected degree of passion. "How can there be a zero? 'Nothing' can't be a 'something', that's what I always say. Zero doesn't count... will never add up to anything... It is just one of those mad Babylonian theoretical entities."

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[ Mathematics : Algebra and Functions]

A line, often vertical or horizontal, but not necessarily so, in a graph of a function or relation to which the function tends but never reaches.

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