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The Expanding Universe

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Question: If particles of transverse waves move up and down and not forward, how can surfers ride waves towards the beach?

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'Universe' on covers astronomy, cosmology, and space exploration. Learn Science with


Great Scientists

Rudolf Virchow

1821 - 1902

Rudolf Virchow was a German physician, pathologist and prehistorian, as well as a social and political writer and reformer.

Rudolf Virchow

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"Come now, Laplace," teased first consul Napoleon. "Surely you can zink of a snazzier name zan 'blub of dark'?"
"What about 'Black Hole'?" suggested Sean, knowing that term wouldn't be used for another century and a half.
"Catchy. But no," Laplace shook his ex-aristocratic head. "It is more of a blob than a hole, but thank you for trying."

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[ Computing : PHP]

String operation which converts the first character of all words to Uppercase

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