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Nicolaus(II) Bernoulli

1695 - 1726

Nicolaus (II) Bernoulli, 1695 - 1726

Nicolaus (II) Bernoulli was the second mathematician called Nicolaus in the Bernoulli dynasty, which dominated the world of mathematics from their home in Basel, Switzlerland.

  • Nationality
  • Swiss

  • Subject
  • Mathematics

  • Fields
  • Differential equations, functions, probability, fluid dynamics

  • Posts
  • Private tutor, Venice, 1716-7

    Chair of Mathematics, University of Bologna, 1719 -

    Professor of Law, Berner Oberen Schule, 1723 -

    Invited by Peter the Great to St. Petersberg Academy, where he died of fever within 8 months, succeeded by Leonard Euler, who also died there prematurely.

  • Theories
  • He proposed the reciprocal orthogonal trajectories problem in 1720 as a challenge to the Newtonians.

He entered the Unviversity of Basel at only 13 years old, to study mathematics and law.

Speaking several languages already in his teens, he assisted his father with correspondence, and was engaged in his father's disputes with Newton's supporters, regarding the authorship of calculus, and Brook Taylor, the English mathematician. He proposed the reciprocal orthogonal trajectories problem in 1720 as a challenge to the Newtonians.

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