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Johann(I) Bernoulli

1667 - 1748

Johann Bernoulli, 1667 - 1748, Swiss mathematician

Johann Bernoulli was a Swiss mathematician, one of two brothers who founded the Bernoulli family dynasty which dominated mathematics for more than a century.

  • Nationality
  • Swiss

  • Subject
  • Mathematics

  • Fields
  • Calculus, infinitesimals

  • Posts
  • Professor of Mathematics, University of Groningen, from 1694 - 1705.

    Professor of Mathematics, University of Basel, 1705 -.

  • Laws
  • Bernoulli's identity

    Bernoulli's rule

  • Theories
  • Infinitesimal Calculus (Leibniz notation). Johann and his older brother Jakob were among the first mathematicians to adopt and apply the new revolutionary calculus.

    Calculus of Variations, the product of the dispute between Johann and his brother Jakob, over the solution to the equation of a particle moving in the shortest time between two points under gravity (Brachistochrone problem).

  • Equations
  • Catenary solution

  • Experiments/Discoveries
  • Brachistochrone problem

Johann Bernoulli was also the educator of Leonhard Euler, whom Laplace later referred to as 'the father of all we mathematicians'. He also was influential in gaining continental acceptance of Leibniz'e claim to being the inventor of calculus, showing that Leibniz's method allowed the solutions of certain problems which Newton's did not.

His most remembered contributions were to differential and infinitesimal calculus. Johann also favoured Descartes' incorrect Vortex Theory over Newton's Theory of Gravitation, delaying the latter's acceptance in Europe.

He was the father of three subsequently famous Bernoulli mathematics: Nicolaus (II), Daniel, and Johann (II), and was the uncle of Nicolaus (I).

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