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Question: During a thunderstorm, lighting is seen 4.5 seconds before the thunder is heard. How far away is the storm?

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Great Scientists

Nicolaus(I) Bernoulli

1687 - 1759

Nicolaus Bernoulli (I) was the first Nicolaus in the illustrious family dynasty of Bernoulli mathematicians in Basel, Switzerland, in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Vitruvian Boy

Quote of the day...

Sean had worked out, through a hundred experiences, that a 'Nonno jiffy' was not the same unit as a 'Papi jiffy'. Papi's jiffy worked by some sort of mental meter, calculated on the basis of an exchange rate between time and money.
By contrast, a 'Nonno jiffy' was a time elastic unit, which could be anything from ten minutes to several weeks - it all depended on how interesting the matter that would 'only take a jiffy' was.

A Term a Day:

Function (JS)

[ Computing : JavaScript]

There are built-in functions, which are common to any JavaScript programme, and do not have to be defined. An example is document.write('This is using a built-in function call called write')

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