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Great Scientists

Jim Hansen

b. 1941

Jim Hansen, b. 1941, NASA GISS director, atmospheric physicist, author and environment activist.

Jim Hansen, b. 1941, atmospheric physicist and climatologist

Quote of the day...

Sean remembered Karl Schwarzshild's notes he was carrying. "Could I suggest calling it 'General Relativity and the Field Theory'?"
"Good. Catchy. How does it end?" asked Einstein.
"Like all generals' theories - in a big bang."
"Nein, nein. No big bang. I vant grand epic version of zer kosmos. It might start mit ein big bang promotional trailer, but I prefer a slow, agonising ending to zer universe. Due to consumption. Much more zer melodrammatic."
"That plot has been flogged a bit in opera, hasn't it?"
"You zink vee need zomzing new?"
"How about 'onwards forever'?"
"A bit socialistic. Not really in vogue. "

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[ Physics : Units and Measures]

An S.I. unit of distance. Equal to the distance light travels through a vacuum in one second: 3.0 x 108 m, or 300 thousand kilometres.

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